LabVIEW-Based Control System for Experimental Testing of High-Temperature Heat Pipes

1. Dezember 2023

The aim of this thesis is to implement a LabVIEW-based control system to monitore an experimental setup. The control system shall manage multiple interconnected components of the setup, including a Rectifier, Power Mosfets, Cryostats, and a Data Acquisition System.
In the framework of the project "MISHA - Passive cooling of innovative micro nuclear reactors", this research project is geared towards evaluating the heat transport performance of high-temperature heat pipes. Therefore, an appropriate testing facility is currently under construction. To ensure seamless coordination and control of various interconnected devices, the development of a LabVIEW-based monitoring and control system is imperative.
• Familiarization with the fundamentals of LabView.
• Establishing connections between the Lab computer and all the integral devices.
• Programming of the LabVIEW-based control system for four distinct subsystems: heating section, cooling section, power supply, and power management.
• Initial operation of the control system and first tests to check its functionality.
• Analyzing and categorizing the test results.
• Written report and oral presentation in the IKE-seminar for students.
• A strong inclination toward hands-on experimental work.
• Basic knowledge in measurement techniques and in LabView software desirable.
• English language skills.
Start: from 01.02.2024

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