Hiwi-Tätigkeit: Construction of Experimental Setups for testing of high-temperature heat pipes

10. Januar 2024

Job advertisement - HIWI
The primary responsibilities include:
1. Provide assistance in the construction of the experimental setup illustrated in Figure 2.
2. Offer support during the testing phase of crucial components, as exemplified in Figure 1.
In the framework of the project "MISHA - Passive cooling of innovative micro nuclear reactors", this research project is geared towards evaluating the heat transport performance of high-temperature heat pipes. Consequently, the release of both heat pipe prototypes and a testing facility is essential.
The design for the testing facility has been finalized, and construction is scheduled to commence in February. The Student Research Assistant will play a pivotal role in supporting the MISHA team during the construction phase. This involvement will encompass a spectrum of tasks, ranging from the mechanical assembly of components to evaluating the thermodynamic efficiency of the system, and from crafting vacuum-proof feedthroughs to LabView programming.
• Taking into account a total of 8 work hours per week, the schedule will involve either a full day or two half days of work as mutually agreed. Therefore, the number of working hours per month can be in-between 30 to 40 h.
• During the agreed-upon timeframe, the Sudent Research Assistant will actively participate in construction activities conducted in the laboratory located at Pfaffenwaldring 31A, 70569, Stuttgart.
• A pronounced affinity for hands-on experimental work.
• Ability to work in a team.
• Fluent in German; Basic knowledge of English.
Start: from 01.02.2024 or later


M.Sc. Ruggero Meucci
Pfaffenwaldring 31 • Room no. 3.344
D-70569 Stuttgart
+49 711 685 69662

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