at the Institute of Nuclear Technology and Energy Systems

Research activities at IKE


Reactor safety

  • Improvement of the modelling approaches in German severe accident codes for the simulation of severe accidents in nuclear reactors with core melting
  • Evaluation of the models in the European severe accident code ASTEC
  • Improvement of the decay heat removal through self-sufficient (active) and passive systems

Spread of airborne radioactive pollutants

  • Model development for the KFÜ (Remote Monitoring of Nuclear Power Plants) Baden-Württemberg
  • Improvement of the turbulence modelling in the propagation simulation code ABR-2
  • Source term reconstruction during the release of radioactive pollutants

Reactor physics

  • Safety analyses for cores
  • Radiation field simulation

Heat transport

  • Heat Pipes, Thermo siphons
  • Technologiy for supercritical CO2 applications

Thermo-Fluid Dynamics

  • Turbulence modelling for applications with supercritical CO2
  • Thermohydraulics at fluid-structure interactions
  • OpenFOAM and CFX simulations