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Starflinger_in_China Prof. Starflinger visits China

From December 2 to 4, 2015 an international symposium on simulation and experiments of severe accidents in nuclear power plants took place. Host was the Sino-French School of Nuclear Engineering and Technology of the Sun Yat-Sen University and the China Nuclear Power research Institute (CNPRI). During the tree days scientists and experts from the chinese nuclear industry discussed the state of the art of model approaches and expermients in the area of severe accidents. Plenary sessions were held and presentations especially by doctoral canditates and students on their current work were given.

Best Paper Award of the AMNT 2015 for the IKE as well

The Best Paper Award, which has been bestowed for the first time this year by the Kerntechnischen Gesellschaft e.V. at the 46th AMNT in Berlin, was given to Mrs. Polina Wilhelm and her co-authors, including two employees of the IKE. The paper bears the title ATHLET-CD Model for Severe Accident Analysis for a Generic Konvoi Reactor and derives from a collaboration of HZDRGRS and IKE in the frame of the WASA-BOSS project.