Markus Petroff

Research Associate / Doctoral Candidate
Institute of Nuclear Technology and Energy Systems (IKE)


+49 711 685-62454
+49 711 685-62010

Pfaffenwaldring 31
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 2.207


  • Flaig, R. Mertz, J. Starflinger, ” Design, Construction and Start-Up of a Test Facility for Experimental Investigations of Flow and Heat Transfer with Supercritical CO2”, 1st European Seminar on Supercritical CO2 (sCO2) Power Systems, September 29-30, 2016, Vienna, Austria.

  • W. Flaig, R. Mertz, J. Starflinger, “Basic Experimental Investigation of a Compact Heat Exchanger using supercritical CO2 as working fluid for Integration into a Decay Heat Removal System” , International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-25), May 14-18, 2017, Shanghai, China.
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